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0.46 acres

cul de sac


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0.45 acres

cul de sac


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Beautiful Cul de Sac lot with gorgeous live Oak Trees ~


Build your dream home and live close to the intracoastal waterway AND have access to a private and maintained boat ramp. Residents of Topsail Heights may access the boat ramp for $150 per year. Broker has more info.


Within two miles you will find not one but two golf courses including the Olde Point Country Club that also offers tennis and a pool and the up and coming Ironclad Golf Club and Beer Garden.


You are also in the sought after Topsail school district.

This sweet location puts you in a lovely neighborhood, with access to a private boat ramp, beautifully positioned between Camp Lejeune and Wilmington, with enough space to build something really spectacular and still have loads of room to spare.

What a dream! 

Call me today for more info!


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High Bluff

Having a home on a cul-de-sac can bring peace and quiet. Since there is not a heavy traffic flow like a traditional street, you can expect less cars to constantly drive by. This also brings an additional sense of privacy.

Newton Rd Boat Ramp.jpeg

Private Boat Ramp Access

Public boat ramps are fine if that's the best you can do, but whenever you have the option of a private boat ramp, you take it! With great joy! Residents of Topsail Heights may access the maintained boat ramp for $150 per year.

Ronel Austin Live oak tree.jpg

Live Oaks

Live oaks possibly get their name because, unlike most other deciduous oaks which drop their leaves in the winter and might look dead, live oaks lose and replace their leaves gradually throughout the year and so look "live"

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Private, maintained boat ramp...

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