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Ignore your mama. Eat the yellow snow.

Beat the heat With a delicious icy treat Your kids will think it's neat And there's a stand right up the street (Clearly, I have second career as a professional poet ahead of me) Seriously. Snow cones are amazing and delicious and they are everything great summer memories are made of. Check out your local snow cone factories in Surf City and Hampstead.

We are BIG fans of Surf's Up Hawaiian Shaved Ice. Their snow cone stand is located in front of Atlantic Seafood Retail Market in Hampstead. My favorite combo: 1/2 Yellow Cake Batter, 1/2 Strawberry Daiquiri, extra Carolina Cream Kids favorite combo: Rainbow: Cotton Candy, Blue Raspberry, Banana Colada with Sweet Cream

Grabbing a snoball on the way to the hot sand, is EXACTLY how you should start every single beach trip. Located street side, by the Surf City Pier.

My favorite combo: Banana Pudding topped with marshmallow-yum Kids favorite combo: Rai Pineapple and Mango topped with the Turtle Gummy

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