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Update Your Home Decor without Breaking the Bank

Farmhouse decor was so cool. Until it wasn't.

But you spent so many years carefully curating all those distressed wood signs, building faux shiplap walls, and buying galvanized tin everything. Your budget can't afford to change it all!

So how do you update your decor without breaking the bank?

Strategic transitions.



That labor of love can be easily updated with paint. Actually, paint can fix and update most home decor.

If you want to add a shiplap wall but haven't, consider full wall picture frame wainscoting instead. Or install the shiplap vertically to give it a more current aesthetic. Painting your current shiplap a deep and cozy color instantly updates it. Be daring and go for black or opt for a deep grey or a matte navy.

Upgrade the traditional look...

... with a fresh coat of paint in a bold color



Some galvanized tin can be salvaged, but you might just have to part with much of it. If you're feeling crafty, paint it! Spray paint is my first choice, but brushing on a few coats of black, gold, shades of green, or even white will update that tin quickly, easily, and most for only a few bucks.

Some tin you can paint. Some you can keep. And some you must say farewell to.

Paint can do a lot on a budget.



Getting rid of the decor that you don't love is the fastest way you can update your whole aesthetic. You don't need to replace it right away either. Enjoy the empty space. Consider yourself a minimalist (temporarily anyway) while you figure out exactly what design style you like and take your time to buy just the right thing for the space.

Donate it to someone who didn't read this article or doesn't care.



You might be surprised at what a difference sofa pillows can make.

Say adios to the pillows with words, the little red truck, and definitely the ones that say "farmhouse."

If you're going for a modern organic look, replace them with pillows in neutral shades with loads of texture. If you're going for sleek and modern, try a two toned pillow in solids. Try not to go for pops of color, though that trend will eventually come back at some point.

Words belong in books, not pillows.

New pillows, big impact. Don't forget to update your throw blankets too!



You can paint the entire railing black or just the banister. Either option gives it a major update and goes with modern, midcentury modern, modern organic, and pretty much all the happening trends.

And yes, "modern" is the keyword in home decor right now.

Replacing the wooden spindles is time consuming, very expensive, and takes time.

Paint the spindles too or just the railing for an updated look on a budget. Painting those spindles is miserable, time consuming work though. So many angles...



The kitchen is the heart of your home, so make it a priority when you're updating your home. Often times, you can easily replace the shades on your pendant lights without buying a whole new fixture. Sometimes you can even take off the shades and spray paint them - black or gold or white. Add some full wall picture frame molding. More greenery, less black wire.

All the black wire, the farmer's market sign - this is the type of thing that's out of style.

Replace the pendant shades, update your cabinet pulls, add greenery to the counters...


All this is for those who enjoy following the trends and swapping out past styles for current. But if you love your style, you enjoy your decor, and you don't want to change it, then DON'T! It's YOUR home and it's all about what makes YOU happy.

Take your time updating and swapping out styles so you don't regret it.


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