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Valentine's Day Stats & Facts

Are you one of the 9 million people in America who buy their pet a gift for Valentines Day?

If you really want to wow Fido, buy them a house, not a bone. ;)


  • 64% of men don't make plans in advance.

  • Forget dinner reservations - just buy her a house!

  • Men spend an average of $130 on a Valentine's Day gift, while women only spend about $70

  • If you think that's unfair, the best way to right the injustice would be to buy yourself a house!

  • More than 36 million heart shaped boxed of chocolate are sold annually in America.

  • You know what goes great with chocolate? A new house.

  • Teachers receive the most cards on Valentine's Day.

  • The Topsail School District is highly rated and I just happen to have several homes for sale within the Topsail School District.

  • Red roses are the most popular flower sold on Valentine's Day

  • Red doors are also the most popular color for a front door. Check out my properties with red doors below!

  • 18% of women send themselves flowers on V Day

  • Forget the flowers, ladies. Buy yourself a house!

  • Some zoos allow you to "buy" a cockroach, name it after an ex, and have it fed to a meerkat on Valentines Day.

  • That's just hilarious. You could be laughing about it from your new house!


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