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Quarantine bathroom renovations

If you know a homeowner, you know someone doing a bathroom renovation right now. Redesigning your bathroom is the new banana bread of quarantine. Everyone is doing it.

What's the big obsession with such a small room?


Many think bathroom remodels are good for resale. They certainly don't hurt! Studies show you can often recoup around 60% of your bathroom remodel investment during resale. Our coastal NC real estate market is chockfull of new builds. That means every resale home is competing with new construction, complete with their shiplap walls, trendy light fixtures, soaking tubs, tiled showers, and accent vanities. If your bathroom is really out of date, a bathroom remodel of any scale will certainly aid in getting your home sold.

ROI: 60%-70%

Average professional cost of full reno: $19,000

Average DIY reno: $1000 - $12,000


  • 33% of bathroom renovations occurred because people simply couldn't stand their old bathrooms any longer

  • 7 million people drop their phones in the toilet annually

  • 70% of house guests snoop through people's bathroom cabinets and drawers

  • Younger generations are more inclined to DIY and older generations are more inclined to hire an expert


The most popular bathroom designs for 2020 include....

  • White as the primary wall color

  • White as the accent shade

  • White or light neutral counters

  • Blue accent paint is on the rise!

  • Floating vanities increased in popularity

  • Traditional and farmhouse style bathrooms were the least popular

  • Modern is the most popular bathroom style right now

  • Wall lights and recessed lighting were the most popular upgrades

  • The Scandinavian and Industrial styles are quickly gaining in popularity


While so many projects feel immense and need professional skills, much of a bathroom remodel can be done by a novice, with the assistance of Google searches. A bathroom is typically the smallest room in the house, so it just feels like it's something you can take on. And you certainly can!

But if you're on a limited budget, where should you start?

#1. Paint. Always the paint (and the caulking too!) It gives you the biggest bang for your buck and has the greatest impact on the overall feel of the room.

#2. Mirrors. Again, the bathroom mirrors pack a big punch, especially since they reflect the rest of the room. From the simplest update of adding trim around an existing mirror, to replacing those giant builders mirrors with something stylish, a mirror update has immediate impact and isn't expensive.

#3. Vanity. If you can't replace the vanity, touch up the paint or use a wood pen to fix any scratches in the wood. New hardware on the drawers and cabinets is a must!

#4. Faucets. These metals set the tone and this is an important area to splurge on something high end, or at least high end looking. Oil rubbed bronze, black, and nickel are all pretty timeless choices.

#5. Tile. Floor tile, backsplash tile, shower tile, tub accent tile. Tile makes up a big part of your bathroom. Take the time to coordinate appropriately and stick with neutrals.

#6. Lighting. Bathrooms should be flooded with light from gorgeous light fixtures. A handy homeowner can often update the lighting themselves, though seeking professional help from an electrician is always better than potentially frying your house. From the wall lights to the overhead lighting, don't forget a single light.

#6. Shower. Tub. Toilet. These are the most expensive elements of a bathroom remodel. If it's not in your budget, then skip replacing them. But don't neglect the shower head. It's an affordable element to replace and one you can enjoy right away.

Good luck with your quarantine projects!


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