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Front door impressions

They say a front door is like the handshake of a house. Is it strong? Firm? Playful? Weak? Bright and cheerful? Limp and lame?

Solid wood doors

Solid wood front doors have been serving home owners well for centuries. They are solid, aesthetically pleasing, and strong. Check to see if the front door is solid wood.

Wood is prone to warping, cupping, expanding, and contracting with the elements. They are sensitive to the environment, even with all the new technologies they keep they sturdy. Not recommended for tropical or humid environments.

Steel doors

Steel doors are incredibly durable, making them an excellent choice for our hot and humid summers with glaring sun and heavy rainfalls. They don't expand or contract, so you will be able to easily open the door all year long. It's the strongest door, the hardest to kick in or break through, making it the most secure option according to experts.

When you picture steel doors, it's probably not a very attractive look you imagine, but the new styles are aesthetically pleasing. They closely mimc the look of real wood, without the sensitivity to the elements.

Fiberglass doors

The greatest variety available is the fiberglass door. You will see these in many of the new builds in a variety of shapes and colors. They often come with glass inserts in different sizes and styles. Impervious to rust (like steel doors) and warping (like wood doors), they are surprisingly strong and very durable.


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