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How to Prep Your Home for a Fast Sale

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Real estate agent and broker Ronel VN Austin

Selling a home is a lot of work, even before you put it on the market. There are so many details to consider, from how to make the most of the space to attract buyers to how to price your house properly to ensure you get the maximum value. When putting a home on the market, a fast sale is always desirable because the longer it takes to sell a home, the harder it can be to find a buyer. To make your home appealing to a variety of buyers, you can make simple updates without spending a ton of money.

Expert real estate agent and broker Ronel VN Austin offers the following tips on how to get started when you’re ready to prep your home for a fast sale.

Repair, declutter and depersonalize

Your first step toward a quick home sale is to make any necessary repairs or updates that help you stand out from the competition. Perhaps your guest bath could use new lighting, a new mirror and even new hardware. Maybe your living room could use a new coat of paint, or maybe your baseboards could stand to be touched up.

To successfully stage your home, it’s always a good idea to check out other homes for sale in your area before you list. Look at how these homes are set up, and take note of how the owners have chosen to depersonalize their space and thoughtfully appoint each room. To depersonalize, take down family photos and personal items, as well as items like sports memorabilia or unconventional artwork. Next, you’ll want to remove larger pieces of furniture and any clutter to make your space look bigger, add a few bits of decor like throw pillows or accent rugs and keep a keen eye toward making your home look inviting.

Store your stuff

You may be feeling stressed about getting rid of some belongings, which is a big part of decluttering and preparing a home for sale. Don’t sweat it! It’s not necessary to throw out or donate the things you still want to keep; you can get them out of your home temporarily and still take them to your new house. Consider renting a storage unit where you can keep items that take up too much space or are too personal. You can pay weekly or monthly, and you only have to keep the unit for as long as you need it.

Don’t forget curb appeal

It’s easy to become so focused on getting your home into shape that you forget about the yard; however, it’s actually an important component of prepping for a sale. Not only do you need to make sure the front of your home is neat, updated, and fresh, you should also take a look around the backyard and whip it into shape. Do some simple landscaping -- adding mulch, trimming branches, and weeding -- and pick up any messes left behind by pets. It’s also a good idea to make sure the siding on your home is clean and free of grass stains or mold.

Take great photos

One of the easiest ways to ensure a quick sale is to take professional photos of your home, both inside and out. Consider hiring a real estate photographer (a shoot typically costs between $110 and $300) or asking your real estate agent Ronel VN Austin for a recommendation. She’ll have some tips on how to stage your home for photos to maximize its appeal according to what local buyers want. Looking at photos of the interior of your home can also help you see little things you might want to fix, so check every picture thoroughly before they’re uploaded.

Prepping your home for a quick sale takes some time, so make sure you have a good plan before you get started. Ask for outside opinions so you’ll have another set of eyes to look for any issues, and take a critical eye to each room to make sure you’re maximizing the right aspects.

When you’re ready to list your North Carolina home, reach out to expert real estate agent Ronel VN Austin. Call today to make an appointment. 910-619-9143

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